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The following NOIs have been submitted to the DEM for coverage under the Rhode Island Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP) program. In accordance with Part I.C.3.b of the MSGP authorization for new discharges will be granted sixty (60) days after the submittal of a complete NOI. The NOI submittal date is listed in the column titles “App Received Date.” For more information, contact Margarita Chatterton at

Facility Name NPDES ID Location Address City/Town App Received Permit Status
Combined Turbine Generator (Ctg) RIR500004 40/41/0 Shun Pike Johnston 10/7/2013 Effective
BB&S Treaten Lumber Of NE RIR50A001 61 Bonneua Road North Kingstown 11/15/2013 Effective
Oldcastle Lawn & Garden RIR50A002 49 Stilson Road Wyoming 11/14/2013 Effective
Bradford Soap Works Inc RIR50C001 200 Providence Street West Warwick 5/15/2006 Expired
Fujifilm Electronic Materials Usa Inc RIR50C003 40/80 Circuit Road North Kingstown 11/15/2013 Effective
Univar Usa Inc RIR50C007 6 Harborside Boulevard Providence 11/7/2013 Effective
Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. RIR50C008 100 Technology Way Smithfield 3/27/2008 Effective
Cardi Corp RIR50D001 400 Lincoln Ave Warwick 11/18/2013 Effective
Lynch Corporation RIR50D002 835 Taunton Avenue Building 3 East Providence 11/15/2013 Effective
Johnston Asphalt RIR50D003 100 Allendale Avenue Johnston 9/20/2013 Effective
T. Miozzi Inc. RIR50D004 80 Compass Circle North Kingstown 4/13/2017 Effective
Consolidated Concrete Corp. RIR50E002 835 Taunton Avenue E. Providence 9/24/2013 Effective
Adamsdale Concrete Inc RIR50E005 551 Weeden Street (Rear) Pawtucket 11/18/2013 Effective
Field’s Point Drive Facility RIR50E006 Field’s Point Drive Providence 11/12/2013 Effective
Anchor Concrete Products RIR50E008 0 Budlong Road Cranston 5/5/2014 Effective
Mcinnis Usa, Inc. Providence Cement Receiving & Distribution Terminal RIR50E009 21 & 39 New York Avenue Providence 1/13/2016 Effective
New England Union Company Incorporated RIR50F002 107 Hay Street West Warwick 10/25/2013 Effective
Cumberland Foundry Company RIR50F003 310 West Wrentham Road Cumberland 5/19/2015 Effective
General Cable Industries LLC RIR50F005 3 Carol Drive Lincoln 11/14/2013 Effective
Carpenter Powder Products, Inc. Of Ri RIR50F006 500 Park East Drive Woonsocket 11/14/2013 Effective
Michael Healy Designs, Inc. RIR50F007 60 New River Road Manville 8/1/2013 Effective
Seacrest/Aic, Inc. RIR50F008 1950 South County Trail East Greenwich 11/4/2013 Effective
Advanced Chemical Co Inc RIR50F009 105 Bellows Street Warwick 11/14/2013 Effective
Hope Global (Martin St) RIR50F011 50 Martin St Cumberland 10/28/2013 Effective
Golden Ale Realty RIR50F012 45 Sharpe Drive Cranston 8/7/2013 Effective
The Okonite Company RIR50F013 5 Industrial Drive Cumberland 10/20/2015 Effective
Lynch Corporation RIR50J001 50 Lynch Pl Cumberland 11/15/2013 Effective
Cumberland Quarry RIR50J002 6 Manville Hill Road Cumberland 11/10/2014 Effective
Armetta, LLC - Sand & Stone (Formerly Copar Quarries Of Westerly) RIR50J003 271 Church Street Bradford 11/13/2014 Effective
Tiverton Materials RIR50J004 810 Fish Road Tiverton 10/15/2013 Effective
Glacier Ridge RIR50J005 Plat 14, Lots 11, 12 & 18-20 Glocester 12/14/2015 Pending
Saint 23, LLC RIR50J007 Mount Hygeia Road Foster 3/24/2016 Effective
Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. RIR50K001 167 Mill Street Cranston 5/15/2017 Effective
Northland Environmental, LLC RIR50k002 275 Allens Avenue Providence 1/6/2014 Effective
Tiverton Auto Parts Inc RIR50M001 541 Bulgamarsh Road Tiverton 11/1/2013 Effective
North Providence Auto Salvage RIR50M002 940 Smithfield Road North Providence 7/1/2014 Effective
K & R Auto Salvage, Inc. RIR50M004 950 Smithfield Road North Providence 10/28/2013 Effective
Belleville Auto Salvage RIR50M005 315 Oak Hill Road North Kingstown 11/15/2013 Effective
Advanced Auto Recycling, Inc. RIR50M006 P.O. Box 156 Cumberland 11/15/2013 Effective
Jack’s Salvage And Auto Parts Inc. RIR50M008 625 Metacom Avenue Bristol 11/8/2013 Effective
Kingstown Auto Recycling RIR50M010 381 Oak Hill Road North Kingstown 11/1/2013 Effective
Mike’s Auto Repair RIR50M011 45 Anthony Road Foster 11/7/2013 Effective
Woonsocket Auto Salvage RIR50M012 5 Madison Ave Woonsocket 11/15/2013 Effective
Hall’s Garage, Inc. RIR50M013 56 Plainfield Pike North Scituate 11/15/2013 Effective
Arnold’s Auto Parts RIR50M014 1484 Crandall Road Tiverton 11/14/2013 Effective
Pick-N-Pull RIR50M015 Green Earth Avenue Johnston 8/16/2013 Effective
Five Star Auto Salvage, Inc. RIR50M016 1348 Douglas Pike Smithfield 5/8/2014 Effective
D’agostino’s Auto Body RIR50M017 1174 Douglas Ave North Providence 7/31/2015 Pending
Metals Recycling, LLC RIR50N003 1 New York Avenue Providence 9/27/2013 Effective
Berger Recycling RIR50N007 126 Front Street Pawtucket 8/15/2013 Effective
J.r. Vinagro Corporation RIR50N008 116 Shun Pike Johnston 5/21/2010 Expired
Smm New England RIR50N011 242 Allens Avenue Providence 10/4/2013 Effective
Sims Metal Management RIR50N012 30 Fields’ Point Drive Providence 7/17/2013 Effective
Smm New England Corporation RIR50N013 Green Earth Avenue Johnston 7/17/2013 Effective
Rhode Island Recycling Metals RIR50N014 278 Allens Avenue Providence 8/5/2014 Pending
J & S Scrap Metal & Recycling RIR50N015 36 Starr St Johnston 3/11/2016 Effective
Entergy Rhode Island State Energy, Lp RIR50O001 24 Shun Pike Johnston 11/6/2013 Effective
Ocean State Power RIR50O002 1575 Sherman Farm Road Harrisville 11/15/2013 Effective
Dominion Energy Manchester Street Station RIR50O003 40 Point Street Providence 11/22/2013 Effective
Gas Conditioning And Compression Plant RIR50O005 73/75 Shun Pike Johnston 10/7/2013 Effective
Conways Bus Service Inc RIR50P001 10 Nate Whipple Highway Cumberland 11/5/2013 Effective
Ups-Providence Hub RIR50P002 150 Plan Way Warwick 11/15/2013 Effective
New England Motor Freight RIR50P003 400 Division St Pawtucket 11/15/2013 Effective
Providence Maintenance Of Way RIR50P004 165 Royal Little Drive Providence 11/7/2013 Effective
First Student RIR50P006 3 Ricom Way Providence 11/15/2013 Effective
Peter Pan Bus Lines - Providence Terminal RIR50P015 One Bonanza Way Providence 4/9/2014 Effective
Con-Way Freight - Xpi RIR50P016 15 Southern Industrial Drive Cranston 8/1/2013 Effective
U.s. Navy Naval Station Newport RIR50P018 1 Simonpietri Drive Newport 11/19/2013 Effective
Frito Lay Inc RIR50P019 45 Stamp Farm Road Cranston 10/7/2013 Effective
Mbta Pawtucket Layover RIR50P021 Exit 25, Interstate 95 South Pawtucket 11/15/2013 Effective
Fedex Freight East, Inc. - Providence Customer Center RIR50P023 60 Industrial Park Road Cumberland 11/13/2013 Effective
Ups Ground Freight, (Upsf) Providence RIR50P024 617 George Washington Hgwy Lincoln 11/15/2013 Effective
Patriot Hauling Company, Inc. RIR50P025 116 Shun Pike Johnston 4/13/2006 Expired
Fedex Ground RIR50P026 6 Green Earth Avenue Johnston 9/18/2013 Effective
Dean Warehouse Services RIR50P027 1 John C. Dean Memorial Boulevard Cumberland 12/22/2008 Expired
Yrc Inc. RIR50P028 55 Industrial Road Cumberland 10/17/2013 Effective
First Student, Inc. #20593 RIR50P029 713 George Washington Highway Lincoln 11/15/2013 Effective
North Kingstown Service Center RIR50P031 210 Frenchtown Road North Kingstown 10/7/2013 Effective
First Student, Inc. #20541 RIR50P032 327 Market Street Warren 11/15/2013 Effective
Wmri Cranston Transfer Sta & Material Rec. Fac. RIR50P036 1610 & 1688 Pontiac Avenue Cranston 11/15/2013 Effective
A. Dule Pyle Companies RIR50P037 4 Greenearth Avenue Johnston 10/10/2013 Effective
First Student RIR50P038 60 Wood Street Coventry 10/4/2013 Effective
Warwick Transfer Station RIR50P039 65 O’keefe Lane Warwick 11/15/2013 Effective
Newport Transfer Station And Hauling Facility RIR50P040 65 Halsey Street Newport 11/15/2013 Effective
North Smithfield Transfe RIR50P041 14 Canal Street North Smithfield 9/16/2015 Effective
Durham School Services RIR50P042 10 Lark Industrial Drive Smithfield 1/8/2016 Effective
Durham School Services RIR50P043 85 Fairmount Woonsocket 4/17/2015 Effective
Durham School Services RIR50P044 1 John C Dean Memorial Boulevard Cumberland 11/14/2016 Effective
Mondelez Global LLC - North Smithfield, Ri RIR50P045 70 Industrial Drive North Smithfield 3/24/2017 Effective
Standish Boat Yard RIR50Q001 1697 Main Road Tiverton 10/16/2013 Effective
Nyc Marina, LLC RIR50Q002 20 Commercial Wharf Newport 9/12/2006 Effective
Bay Marina Inc RIR50Q003 1800 W Shore Road Warwick 10/7/2013 Effective
New England Boatworks RIR50Q004 1 Lagoon Road Portsmouth 5/17/2006 Effective
Point Judith Marina LLC RIR50Q007 360 And 392 Gooseberry Road Wakefield 10/10/2013 Effective
Frank Hall Boatyard RIR50Q008 3 India Point Road Westerly 10/28/2013 Effective
Silver Spring Marine Inc RIR50Q009 362 Pond St Wakefield 10/31/2013 Effective
Viking Marina RIR50Q010 19 Margin St Westerly 11/13/2013 Effective
Wharf Marina RIR50Q011 138 Wharf Road Warwick 11/22/2013 Effective
Stone Cove Marina Inc RIR50Q013 134 Salt Pond Road Wakefield 9/29/2006 Effective
Brewers Sakonnet Marina RIR50Q014 222 Narragansett Blvd Portsmouth 10/28/2013 Effective
Dickersons Marina, Inc. RIR50Q015 2 Shattock Avenue Warwick 11/7/2013 Effective
Pleasant Street Wharf RIR50Q016 160 Pleasant Street North Kingston 11/1/2013 Effective
Harbor Light Marina Inc RIR50Q017 200 Gray St Warwick 7/17/2014 Effective
Pier 65 RIR50Q018 65 Margin Street Westerly 7/16/2014 Effective
Ponaug Marina Inc RIR50Q019 285 Arnolds Neck Drive Warwick 11/7/2013 Effective
Ocean House Marina, Inc. RIR50Q020 60 Town Dock Road Charlestown 8/16/2007 Effective
Northwich Boat Yard RIR50Q021 5 Esmond Street North Kingston 8/10/2007 Effective
R.I. Mooring Services RIR50Q022 15 Patrol Road North Kingston 12/10/2013 Effective
Brewer Wickford Cove Marina RIR50Q025 65 Reynolds St North Kingstown 10/8/2013 Effective
Point View Marina RIR50Q026 11 Sherman Road Wakefield 11/21/2013 Effective
Striper Marina RIR50Q027 26 Tyler Point Road Barrington 9/6/2013 Effective
Prime Marina East Greenwich Holdings, LLC RIR50Q028 3 Division Street East Greenwich 5/27/2017 Effective
East Greenwich Yacht Club RIR50Q029 10 Water Street East Greenwich 10/21/2013 Effective
Harbor Road Yacht Basin, Ltd RIR50Q030 Ocean Avenue Fire #834 Block Island 11/26/2013 Effective
Wickford Shipyard RIR50Q031 125 Steamboat Avenue North Kingstown 11/14/2013 Effective
The Watch Hill Boat Yard RIR50Q032 13 Pasadena Avenue Westerly 9/18/2013 Effective
Don’s Marine RIR50Q033 2503 Main Road Tiverton 11/15/2013 Effective
Block Island Maritime Institute RIR50Q035 Ocean Avenue Fire #216 Block Island 11/26/2013 Effective
Ninegret Landing Marina, LLC RIR50Q036 60 Sportsman Road Charlestown 11/18/2013 Effective
Clark Boat Yard & Marine Works LLC RIR50Q038 110 Racquet Road Jamestown 6/4/2008 Effective
Cove Haven Corp RIR50Q039 101 Narragansett Ave Barrington 10/1/2013 Effective
Pirate Cove Marina & Yacht Sales Inc RIR50Q040 109 Point Road Portmouth 11/15/2013 Effective
Casey’s Marina RIR50Q041 11 Waites Wharf Newport 5/6/2008 Expired
Newport Yacht Club RIR50Q042 110 Long Wharf Newport 11/15/2013 Effective
Newport Shipyard RIR50Q043 One Washington Street Newport 11/15/2013 Effective
Stanley’s Boat Yard RIR50Q044 17 Barton Avenue Barrington 9/30/2013 Effective
Hunt Yachts, Inc. RIR50Q049 1909 Alden Way Portsmouth 8/1/2013 Effective
Brewer Cowesett North Marina RIR50Q050 1 Masthead Drive Warwick 11/6/2013 Effective
Brewer Greenwich Bay Marina North Yard RIR50Q051 252 Second Point Road Warwick 11/6/2013 Effective
Brewer Greenwich Bay Marina - East Yard RIR50Q052 125 Wharf Road Warwick 11/6/2013 Effective
Brewer Yacht Yard RIR50Q053 100 Folly Landing Road Warwick 11/6/2013 Effective
Provport, Inc. RIR50Q054 35 Terminal Road Providence 11/25/2013 Effective
Champlin’s Marina And Resort RIR50Q055 80 West Side Road New Shoreham 5/19/2016 Effective
Conanicut Marine RIR50R004 20 Narragansett Avenue Jamestown 11/27/2006 Effective
Pearson Composities RIR50R006 373 Market St Warren 5/31/2006 Expired
Hinckley Yacht Service RIR50R007 1 Little Harbor Landing Portsmouth 6/2/2006 Effective
General Dynamics Electric Boat Corporation RIR50R008 165 Dillabur Avenue North Kingstown 6/9/2006 Effective
Ram Point Marina RIR50R009 2 William Schmid Drive Wakefield 8/18/2006 Effective
Senesco Marine, LLC RIR50R010 10 Macnaught Street Quonset Point 9/29/2006 Effective
Jamestown Boat Yard, Inc RIR50R011 60 Dumpling Drive Jamestown 11/18/2013 Effective
Avondale Boat Yard RIR50R013 47 Avondale Road Westerly 8/22/2013 Effective
Blount Boats. Inc. RIR50R014 461 Water Street Warren 11/18/2013 Effective
Mill Creek Marine, Inc. RIR50R015 84 Wescott Road North Kingstown 6/6/2017 Effective
Senesco Marine, LLC RIR50R016 1390 Roger Williams Way Quonset Point 11/13/2013 Effective
J. Goodison Company RIR50R017 125-128 Zarbo Avenue North Kingstown 5/10/2016 Effective
RI Airport Corp Newport Airport RIR50S001 211 Airport Access Road Middletown 11/15/2013 Effective
Ri Airport Corp Quonset Airport RIR50S002 210 Airport Street Terminal Building North Kingstown 6/1/2006 Effective
Westerly Airport RIR50S003 56 Airport Road Westerly 11/15/2013 Effective
Block Island Airport RIR50S004 1 Center Road New Shoreham 6/1/2006 Effective
Ri Airport Corp North Central Arpt RIR50S005 300 Jenckes Hill Road Smithfield 11/15/2013 Effective
Army Aviation Support Facility RIR50S006 Quonset Pt/Davisville Ind. Prk North Kingstown 9/9/2015 Effective
Nbc Fields Point RIR50T001 2 Ernest Street Providence 11/10/2013 Effective
NBC Bucklin Point Wastewater Treatment Facility RIR50T002 102 Campbell Avenue Rumford 11/10/2013 Effective
Warren Wastewater Treatment Facility RIR50T003 427 Water Street Warren 11/19/2015 Effective
Woonsocket Wwtf RIR50T004 11 Cumberland Hill Road Woonsocket 7/25/2016 Effective
West Warwick Wwtf RIR50T005 1 Pontiac Avenue West Warwick 7/25/2016 Effective
Cranston Wpcf RIR50T007 140 Pettaconsett Avene Cranston 7/28/2016 Effective
Pepsi Bottling Group RIR50U002 1400 Pontiac Avenue Cranston 11/1/2013 Effective
The Town Dock RIR50U003 44 State Street Narragansett 5/22/2008 Effective
Bruin Plastics Co Inc RIR50V002 61 Joslin Road Glendale 7/26/2013 Effective
Murdock Webbing Co RIR50V003 27 Foundry Street Central Falls 8/7/2013 Effective
Cooley Inc RIR50V004 50 Esten Avenue Pawtucket 11/7/2013 Effective
Kenyon Industries Incorporated RIR50V006 36 Sherman Avenue Kenyon 5/3/2010 Effective
The Providence Journal RIR50X001 1 Providence Place Way Providence 11/12/2013 Effective
Jay Packaging Group RIR50X002 100 Warwick Industrial Drive Warwick 11/15/2013 Effective
Toray Plastics America Incorporated RIR50Y001 50 Belver Avenue North Kingstown 11/15/2013 Effective
Toray Plastics (America), Inc. RIR50Y002 560 Old Baptist Road North Kingstown 11/5/2013 Effective
Saint Gobain Performance Plastics RIR50Y004 386 Metacom Avenue Bristol 11/18/2013 Effective
Portola Tech International RIR50Y006 85 Fairmount Street Woonsocket 7/24/2007 Pending
Aspen Aerogels RIR50Y008 3 Dexter Road East Providence 10/17/2013 Effective
Modine Manufacturing Co. RIR5AA001 604 Liberty Lane West Kingston 11/14/2013 Effective
Amtrol Inc RIR5AA007 1400 Division Road West Warwick 11/14/2013 Effective
W.r. Cobb RIR5AA008 800 Waterman Avenue East Providence 8/15/2013 Effective
Tiffany & Co RIR5AA010 300 Maple Ridge Drive Cumberland 8/30/2013 Effective
Gsm Metals, Inc. RIR5AA011 40 Kenney Drive Cranston 5/31/2007 Effective
J. Goodison Company, Inc. RIR5AA013 244 Burlington Avenue North Kingstown 10/17/2013 Effective
Narragansett Imaging RIR5AC001 51 Industrial Drive North Smithfield 9/10/2013 Effective
Yardney Technical Products RIR5AC006 2000 S County Trail East Greenwich 8/22/2013 Effective

Rev. 10/16/17