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Rules and Regulations

Stage I Vapor Recovery Program

The Stage I Vapor Recovery Program controls vapor emissions from gasoline marketing operations such as gasoline dispensing facilities or service stations during fuel deliveries. The Stage I program regulates gasoline refueling operations for Underground Storage Tanks and Aboveground Storage Tanks.

Note: Only Stage I Vapor Recovery Systems approved by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) are allowable in Rhode Island.

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RIDEM Office of Air Resources – Air Pollution Control Regulation No. 11 "Petroleum Liquids Marketing and Storage"

The purpose of this regulation is to regulate the storage and marketing of petroleum liquids to minimize emissions of volatile organic compounds. For specifics about the Stage I Vapor Recovery Program, please see section 11.9 Gasoline Dispensing Facility Stage I Vapor Controls and General Requirements.

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RIDEM Office of Air Resources Stage I Email Address

The Stage I Program has created an email address for Stage I related email correspondence. For Stage I testing scheduling, Stage I testing results, submission of Stage I forms or general Stage I questions or information please use this email:

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RIDEM Underground Storage Tank (UST) Management Program

Since many of the gasoline dispensing facilities regulated by Office of Air Resources have Underground Storage Tanks, they are also regulated by the Underground Storage Tank Management Program. Both programs work together in this field, however the owner/operator of a gasoline dispensing facility is responsible for knowing and complying with regulations and requirements of both programs.

For information, site-specific requirements, or other questions related to installation of spill containment basins, riser, or other modifications to the UST system, please call the main office at (401) 222-2797 or contact Clare O’Connor at (401) 222-2797 ext. 2777121 or

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RIDEM Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) Program

Aboveground storage tanks that are regulated by Office of Air Resources are also regulated by DEM's Office of Emergency Response, Aboveground Storage Tank program (“AST”). Both programs work together in this field, however the owner/operator of an AST is responsible for knowing and complying with regulations and requirements of both programs.

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How to use the Stage I Forms

Please see the following as an explanation of when and how to use the Stage I forms:

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Stage I Testing

In accordance with the requirements of 250-RICR-120-05-11 “Petroleum Liquids Marketing and Storage,” 11.9.2.(G)(2) Stage I systems must be annually tested.

Perform the following Stage I vapor control system tests at least once every twelve (12) months:

  • a) A Pressure Decay 2-inch Test, using CARB test procedure TP-201.3,
  • b) A Vapor Tie Test, using CARB test procedure TP-201.3C
  • c) A Pressure/Vacuum Vent Valve Test, using CARB test procedure TP-201.1E
  • d) For facilities with EVR rotatable product adaptors and/or vapor adaptors, a Static Torque Rotatable Adaptor Test, using CARB test procedure TP-201.1B
  • e) For facilities with a Stage I EVR system, either a Leak Rate of Drop Tube/Drain Valve Assembly Test using CARB test procedure TP-201.1C, or a Leak Rate of Drop Tube/Overfill Prevention Devices Test using CARB test procedures TP-101.1D

In accordance with the regulation, the notification of testing must be sent to Office of Air Resources 7-days prior to the testing date. This notification can be sent through email to

Testing results must be submitted to Office of Air Resources 15-days after the testing has occurred. These testing results can either be sent by mail to the Office at 235 Promenade St, Providence RI 02908 or through email to

For a more in-depth explanation of Stage I testing and what testing is required for different scenarios outside of the required annual testing, please refer to the document below.

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Program News & Updates

February 2021
New Stage I CARB Certified EVR Forms

  • Two new forms were created to further clarify and collect information regarding the Stage I CARB Certified system upgrades.
  • The Install or Modification Notification form is to collect information about the facility and the equipment chosen for Stage I CARB EVR upgrades before the installation or modification has occurred. This will help with the information shared between the Office of Air Resources and the Underground Storage Tank Management program or the Aboveground Storage Tank Management Program, as both offices need to be involved in the process.
  • The Install or Modification Certification – Post Construction is a form created to collect information after the install or modification of an approved project that has occurred. This is to ensure that proper procedures were followed, and testing had occurred.
  • To find the new Stage I CARB EVR forms please see below or check out the Forms & Applications section of the OAR website. See “Stage I Forms”.
  • If you have any questions on how to fill out the forms, please email

October 2020

  • 250-RICR-120-05-11, 11.9.2.(F)(5) states, "On and after December 25, 2020, gasoline dispensing systems must be equipped with a CARB-certified EVR Stage I vapor control system or a Stage I vapor control system composed of EVR components"

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