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Aquatic Resource Education (A.R.E) Program
for Children and Adults



Freshwater and Saltwater Spincast Training


The ARE program offers various training programs to both adults and children. Bring your school, scout, or senior group to the ARE Pond at Carolina Trout Hatchery. Or join us on Narragansett Bay and learn the basics of surf fishing as well as the difference between lure and bait fishing.

Flyfishing and Fly Tying

Have you mastered spincasting and are ready for a challenge? Learn the art and scienceof flyfishing both freshwater and marine environments. All day workshops, lectures, and fly tying courses are held throughout the year at various locations. Check out the Upcoming ARE Events page.

Educator Workshops

The Division of Fish and Wildlife's ARE Program is the only state sponsor in Rhode Island for the nationally acclaimed workshops Project Wild, Project Wild Aquatic, and Project WET (Water Education for Teachers). We also train teachers in WOW, The Wonders of Wetlands, Salmon in the Classroom, and Green Eggs and Sand.

Freshwater and Marine Ecology for Teachers, Scout, & Camp Leaders

We also offer workshops in freshwater and marine ecology for teachers, scout and camp leaders which include various methods of water testing and biological sampling. Call us to arrange a workshop for your group (401-539-0037).


Freshwater Ecology

Bring your school, scout, or youth group and explore a local stream, pond, or river. Have your group learn about their watershed, the wetlands that protect it, and the interesting creatures that depend on a healthy watershed for survival. Whether it's water chemistry or looking for macro-invertebrate indicator spies, we can help your group discover the wonders of freshwater ecology.

Marine Ecology

Learn about saltwater, estuaries, salt marshes and the unique organisms that inhabit Rhode Island's coastal area. Your group will enjoy creating a tide pool, seining the beach, and walking the salt marsh at RIDEM Division of Fish and Wildlife�s Coastal Fisheries Laboratory. Or take your group on a fishing vessel and trawl the depths of Narragansett Bay. The ARE program sponsors many programs that will acquaint your students with the rich marine resources of Rhode Island.


As aquaculture becomes more mainstream, the ARE program has developed new programming to introduce school, scout, and camp groups to the infinite possibilities aquaculture provides to Rhode Islanders. Whether you are looking for in-class programming or visits to local aquaculture facilities, the ARE program would like to help you. Some of our programs include:

  • Salmon in the Classroom
  • Green Eggs and Sand
  • Bass in the Class
  • Touring Rhode Island's Trout Hatcheries


A.R.E. Resource List

The Aquatic Resource Education (A.R.E.) Program has an extensive library of resource material in freshwater ecology, marine ecology, and recreational sportfishing subjects that include curriculums, texts, video tapes, slides, as well as CD-Rom interactive educational materials that can be borrowed free of charge.

Fishing Equipment Loan Program

Does you organization or group want to sponsor a fishing activity and need equipment? No Problem - we have a loan program for fishing equipment. We can also offer educational material and gift items for participants. Our programs are fully accessible and can be adapted for special needs.

"It is the policy of the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management to offer its services and accommodations to all orderly person, and as required, to all properly licensed persons, without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, age, or disability". If you believe that you have been discriminated against in any program, activity, facility, or if you desire further information, please write to the Office for Equal Opportunity, U.S. Department of the Interior, Office of the Secretary, Washington, DC 20240.
Marine Fisheries
Jason McNamee, Chief of Marine Resource Management
Phone: 1-401-423-1923
Fax: 1-401-423-1925

Freshwater Fisheries & Wildlife
Christine Dudley, Deputy Chief, Freshwater & Diadromous Fisheries
Jay Osenkowski, Deputy Chief, Wildlife
Phone: 1-401-789-0281
Fax: 1-401-783-7490

Aquatic Resource Education (ACE) and Hunter Safety Education
Phone: 1-401-539-0019
Fax: 1-401-539-0453