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Rhode Island Public Boat Launching Sites

Rhode Island Public Boat Launching Sites


(S)= State-owned & operated, (T)= Town/City-owned & operated, (H)= Handicapped accessible

Burrillville Clear River access to Harrisville Pond, Rt. 100 from Chepachet to Rt. 98 to Harrisville, site is ¼ mile north of Harrisville Village on left. Cement slab ramp (S) None Yes
  Union Pond 8 acres. Rt. 44 to Rt. 100, left on Reservoir Rd. (S) Electric trolling motors only Yes
  Spring Lake 96 acres. Rt. 102 to Joslin Rd., to Spring Lake Rd., to Blackhut Rd., access site on the right. Cement slab. (S) Electric trolling motors only Yes
  Wakefield Pond 72 acres. Rt. 100 N., to left on Wakefield Pond Rd., to left on Lee Circle, to top of hill, a right to bottom of hill, take left. Ramp is on right. (S) 10 HP limit unless special permit from F&W Yes
  Wilson Reservoir 127 acres. Rte. 100 from Chepachet to Wallum Lake Rd., left ½ mile on East Wallum Lake Rd. (S) 10 HP limit unless special permit from F&W Yes
Charlestown Watchaug Pond Rte 1 S., Charlestown, to exit for Burlingame State Park & Picnic Area ( Prosser Trail) to left onto Sanctuary Rd. There is a sign for the park. Follow Sanctuary Rd. past Burlingame State Park and Picnic Area where it turns into a dirt road, ramp is on the right. none Yes
Cranston John L. Curran Public Fishing Area 38 acres. Fiskville Reservoir. Rt. 295 N to Scituate Ave., west to Seven Mile Rd. pond on left (S) 10 HP limit Yes
Coventry Carbuncle Pond 48 acres. Rt. 102 to Rt. 14, 4.5 miles on Rte. 14, sign and road on left. (S) Electric trolling motors only Yes
  Tiogue Lake 215 acres Glen Drive Ramp - Arnold Rd. to Crestwood Rd., take a left onto North Glen Dr., follow to end. (S) None limited
  Tiogue Lake 215 acres - off Rt. 3 (T) None limited
  Zeke's Bridge access to Big River and portions of Johnson's Pond. Rt. 3 to Harkney Hill Rd., 2 miles on right. Cement slab (S) None Yes
Exeter Breakheart Pond 33 acres. In Arcadia Management Area. Rt. 3, to Rt. 165, to Frosty Hollow Rd., to Austin Farm Rd., ¼ mile. Gravel ramp. 10 HP limit Yes
  Beach Pond 340 acres. Launching on Connecticut side (S) none Yes
Foster Shippee Saw Mill Pond Rt. 6 to Rt. 94 North, left to Willoughby Young Rd., Electric trolling motors only Yes
Glocester Bowdish Reservoir 126 acres. Rt. 44, Glocester, to George Washington Camp Ground entrance, 3rd left to boat ramp. Concrete slab 10 HP limit Yes
  Clarkville Pond Rte. 44 Glocester to Richardson clearing trail, to Cold Spring Trail, first left off cold spring trail. (S) Electric trolling motors only Yes
  Keech Pond 129 acres. Rt. 44 Glocester to Chestnut Hill Rd., to Indian Trail, to end, ramp on left. 10 HP limit Yes
  Lake Washington 42 acres. Rt. 44 to Lake Washington Dr. Electric trolling motors only Yes
  Pascoag Reservoir (Echo Lake) 352 acres Rt. 44 West to Jackson School House Rd., North, site is ½ mile on the right. (S) 10 HP limit from Saturday before Memorial Day until the day after Labor Day unless special permit from F&W. Yes
  Smith & Sayles Reservoir 186 acres. Rt. 44 Glocester to Chestnut Hill Rd., to Sand Dam Rd. (S) 10 HP limit Yes
Hopkinton Alton Landing access to Wood River and Alton Pond Rt. 95, to Rt. 138, to Hope Valley Rd., to Rt. 91, ¾ miles on right. (S) No motors Yes
  Ashville Pond 32 acres. Rt. 95 to Rt. 3, to Canochet Rd., 1¾ miles on left. (S) 10 HP limit Yes
  Locustville Pond 83 acres. Rt. 95 S to Rt. 138, right onto Bank St., to Fairview Ave., entrance to lot and ramp on left, bear to the right of fork. Gravel ramp. (S) 10 HP limit Yes
  Mechanic's Street Access Site Rt. 95 S to Rt. 3, to Mechanic St., site at bottom of hill on let, canoes and small car-top boats. Access to Wood River provided. (S) None limited
  Moscow Pond 18 acres. Rt. 95 S to Rt. 138 W, to Woody Hill Rd., car-top boats, unimproved ramp. (S) None limited
  Wood River AccessGrantvill, Hope Valley Rd. (S) None limited
  Blue Pone Rt. 95S to Rt. 3, to Canochet Rd., and walk in. Canoe Launching (S) None limited
Lincoln Olney Pond 126 acres. Lincoln Woods State Park. Rte 95N, to Rt 146. 3½ miles to State Park. (S) All power boats prohibited on Sat., Sun. & Holidays 6/5 thru 9/15 Yes
North Kingstown Silver Spring Lake 10 acres. Directly off Tower Hill Rd. at junction Rt. 1 and Rt. 4 (S) Electric trolling motors only Yes
North Smithfield Upper Slatersville Reservoir 147 acres. Rt. 295 N, to Rt. 7 N, to Rt. 102 N., approx. 1¼ mile on right. Slab ramp (S) none Yes
Smithfield Woonasquatucket Reservoir (Stump Pond) 304 acres. Rt.5 to Log Road (S). Slab ramp (S) 10 HP limit Yes
Portsmouth Melville Public Fishing Area 6 acres. Mostly shore fishing Off Rt. 114, car-top launching (T)(S) none Yes
Richmond Access to Pawcatuck River Biscuit City Landing at Biscuit City Rd., Rt. 2 S., approx. 5 miles past the Rt. 138 intersection turn left onto Biscuit City Rd.(S) (Gravel ramp) Richmond Landing to Pawcatuck River, Rt. 95 to Rt. 138 E. to Re 112, to Rt. 91, 2 miles on left side near bridge. (S) none Yes
  Wyoming Pond 26 acres. Rt.95 to Rt. 138W., site just past intersection of Rts 3 and 138 on the right. (S). Gravel ramp none Yes
Scituate Upper Pawtuxet River, Hope Landing access Rt.116 to Hope Furnace Rd.(S) Electric trolling motors only Yes
South Kingstown Indian Lake 199 acres. Off Tower Hill Rd. (Rt.1) (S). Cement ramp (S) 10 HP limit Yes
  Barber Pond 28 acres. Rt.102 to Rt. 2 S., about 7 miles on right. (S) Gravel ramp (S) Electric trolling motors only Yes
  Taylor's Landing to Chepuxet River, Rt. 4 to Rt. 138 E., 6 miles to Liberty Lane, West Kingston. Mainly canoes and small boats (S). none Yes
  Tucker Pond 101 acres. Rt.138 to Rt. 110, to Tuckertown Rd., left about ½ mile (S). Cement slab 10 HP limit Yes
  Worden's Pond 1043 acres. Rt. 138 to Rt. 110 to Worden's Pond Rd., take right ½ mile on north side (S). Cement Slab ramp (S) none Yes
Tiverton Stafford Pond 476 acres. Rt. 24 E. to Fish Road S., to Bulgarmarsh Rd., take left on Rt. 81 (Stafford Pond Rd.), access on left. (S). Slab ramp (S) 10HP limit unless special permit from F&W Yes
Warwick Potowomut Pond 17 acres. Rt.1 to Essex Ave., to Potowomut Rd., site on left (S). none Yes
Westerly Bradford Landing on Pawcatuck River, Rt.95 Rockville Alton Rd., to Rt. 91, 3 miles on left (S). none Yes
  Chapman's Pond (Burden's) 164 acres. Rt. 95 to Rockville Alton Rd., to Rt. 91, to Westerly Bradford Rd., approx. 2½ miles on left, (S). Cement slab ramp (S) 10 HP limit Yes
West Greenwich Big River Landing off Weaver Hill Rd. Rt. 95 to Weaver Hill Rd., turn right, ¼ mile on the right, stay to the right, ½ mile on dirt road. (S). none Yes
  Tarbox Pond 15 acres. Rt. 95 to Rt. 3, to Division Road, to Hopkins Hill Rd., south of the New London Turnpike (S). none Yes


Barrington Haines Memorial Park on Bullock's Cove, off Metropolitan Park Dr. (S)(H). Concrete slab 4 ft. Yes
Bristol Bristol Harbor State St., Concrete ramp. Use is restricted to permitted Bristolresidentss (T) N/A No
  Independence Park at the foot of Church St., off Rt. 114. (T) N/A Yes
  Colt State Park off Hope St (Rt. 114) (S)(H). Concrete ramp. 4 ft. Yes
  Annawanscutt to Mt. Hope Bay Annawanscutt Dr., off Metacom Ave. (Re. 136), past Veteran's Home. linked concrete planks (S) >2 ft. Yes
Charlestown Charlestown Breachway West end of Charlestown Beach Rd., linked concrete slabs. (S) 3 ft. Yes/fee when park is open
  Quonochontaug Breachway Off West Beach Rd., concrete plank ramp (S) 3 ft. Yes/north lot for trailered vehicles
  Town Dock Rd. (T) N/A Yes
Cranston Pawtuxet Aborn St.(T) N/A No
East Greenwich Greenwich Cove Pole #6, Crompton Ave.(T) N/A Yes
East Providence Bold Point off Veteran's Memorial Pwy., via Mauran Ave. at the end of Pier Rd. concrete slab (S) (H) 4 ft. Yes
  Sabin Point Park off Bullock's Pt. Ave. hard packed sand. (T) N/A Yes
  Haines Memorial Park on Bullock's Cove, off Metropolitan Park Dr. (S)(H). Concrete slab 4 ft. Yes
Jamestown Fort Getty Recreation Area off Beavertail Rd. Parking fee when the park is open (T). Concrete N/A Yes/fee
  Fort Wetherill Southeast end of Ocean St., off Walcott Ave. (Rt. 138) (S).linked concrete plank. Car-top only. 2.5 ft./steep Yes
Little Compton Sakonnet Point Sakonnet Point Rd. (Rt. 77). North side of town landing road. linked concrete planks 2 ft. Yes
Middletown Third Beach Road concrete ramp. Parking fee when beach is open. (T) N/A Yes
  Galilee corner of Galilee Rd. and Great Island Rd., Southeast side of Great Island Bridge. Linked concrete planks - double ramp (S) 4 ft. Yes
  Monahan's Dock East side of Ocean Rd., at So. Pier Rd. concrete - steep drop (S) 3 - 4 ft. Yes
Newport Off Washington St. Two locations, Elm St. and Poplar St. (T) N/A limited
  Kings Beach directly off Ocean Dr., natural rock and cement. Car-top only. (T) N/A Yes
  Ft. Adams State park off Harriston Ave. Concrete slabs (S) 3 ft. Yes
North Kingstown Wickford East end Intrepid Dr., off Post Rd., Rt. 1, near fire station, linked concrete plank - moderately steep (T & S) 3 ft. Yes
  Wickford Pleasant St. (T) N/A limited
  Allen's Harbor Rt. 1 (Post Road), to Quonset Pt./Davisville (T) 3 ft. Yes/Fee
Portsmouth Sandy Point Rd. off Rt. 138. Concrete ramp (T) N/A limited
  Weaver Cove at Weaver Cove on Burma Road. South of Melville complex. Concrete ramp (T)(H) 4 ft. Yes
  Stone Bridge off Rt. 138 at junction of Park Ave. and Point Rd., at Teddy's beach. Concrete plants (S) 3 ft. limited
  Gull Cove Rte. 138. Linked concrete planks (S) 2 ft. Yes
South Kingstown Snug Harbor foot of Gooseberry Rd. (T) N/A No
  Narrow River from either Mitchell Ave. or Pollock Ave. off Pettaquamscutt Rd., between Middle Bridge Rd. and Bridgetown Rd. Concrete planks (S). There are several bridges on Narrow River for fishing access. 3 ft. Yes
  Pond Street at the end of Pond St.(T). Paved asphalt N/A No
  Marina Park Exit Rt. 1. Concrete slabs (T). N/A Yes
Tiverton Sapowet Point off Rt. 77, Southwest side of Sapowet Ave.,offLafayettee Ave. Ramp is hard beach cobble withnaturel slope ramp. High Tide Only. 2 ft. Yes
Warwick Goddard State Park via Rt. 1, and East Greenwich. Linked concrete planks ramp (S). <2 ft. Yes
  Conimicut Point Northeast end of Shawomut Ave., off Symonds Ave. Linked concrete ramp (S). Problematic ramp. frequently sand covered. <2 ft. limited
  Passeonkquis Cove Southwest end of Gaspee Pt. Dr., off Narragansett Pkwy.,Concretet and asphalt ramp (S). Closed 8 PM to 6 AM. 2 ft. limited
  Oakland Beach at Warwick Cove. Oakland Beach Ave. take last left. East side of Oakland Beach. concrete ramp (T)(H). <4 ft. Yes
  Longmeadow East end of Samuel Gorton Ave. off Warwick Neck Ave. Linked concrete ramp (S). High Tide Only. <2 ft. Yes
Westerly Westerly Boat Ramp Main St. Concrete slab ramp (S)(H). 4 ft. Yes