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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Freshwater Fisheries

Q. What is the open season for trout, salmon, and charr?
A.Opening day is 6:00 AM on the second Saturday of April every year and continues until midnight the last day in February annually. However, Beach Pond in Exeter opens according to Connecticut's schedule and is usually the third Saturday in April each year.

Q. Does Rhode Island stock ponds?
A. There are designated trout waters that are stocked with trout annually just prior to opening day. Some are stocked two or three times in the spring and once in the fall.

Q. At what age does an angler need a fishing license?
A. Licenses are required of anglers fifteen (15) years of age and older.

Q. Are there "KIDS ONLY" ponds?
A. Yes! The following trout-stocked waters are restricted to fishing by people fourteen years of age and younger: Lloyd Kenney Pond in Hopkinton; Frosty Hollow Pond in Exeter; Geneva Brook & Pond in North Providence; Lapham Pond in Burrillville; Seidel's Pond in Cranston; and Silvy's Pond in Cumberland. The following two ponds are restricted to persons fourteen years of age and younger only for the first two days of the season (second Saturday in April): Cass Pond in Woonsocket, Slater Park Pond in Pawtucket, and Ponderosa Pond in Little Compton. Fishing licenses are not required of any person under 15 years of age.

Q. Where can I purchase a fishing license?
A. Online at or at City and Town Halls, and license agents.

Q. Which Rhode Island ponds have reciprocal license privileges with abutting states?
A. Killingly Pond, Hazard Pond, and Peck Pond have license reciprocity with Connecticut. Wallum Lake and Harris Pond have license reciprocity with Massachusetts.

Q. When does the freshwater fishing license expire?
A. Freshwater fishing licenses expire at midnight on the last day of February annually.

Q. What are the dates of the FREE FISHING DAYS?
A. On the first full weekend of May each year, neither a Rhode Island resident nor a resident of any other state is required to possess a freshwater fishing license or a trout conservation stamp.

Q. Do I need a trout stamp?
A. A trout conservation stamp ($5.50) is required of any person wishing to keep or possess a trout, salmon, or charr caught in Rhode Island waters or by any person fishing in a "catch-and-release" or "fly-fishing ONLY" area.

Q. Who DOES NOT need a trout stamp?
A. Minors under 15 years of age; RI residents over 65 years of age; persons with a 100% disability; landowner and members of their family when fishing from property on which they are actually domiciled; persons possessing trout taken from a lake or pond which shares a border with a neighboring state; persons possessing privately-owned trout caught in privately-owned ponds.

Q. Where can I get a RI trout stamp?
A. You can purchase trout stamps online at or from any city or town clerk, or a license agent authorized to sell hunting and fishing licenses.

Q. Are designated trout ponds ever closed?
A. Yes, fishing in designated trout ponds is prohibited from March 1 up to opening day annually. Opening day is the second Saturday in April annually.

Q. Can I use corn for bait in any trout waters?
A. NO.

Q. Can I chum in trout waters?
A. NO.


Rev. 6/3/16