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Hunting License, Stamp, & Permit Fees

The license year begins March 1st and ends on the last day of February annually

RIGL 20-2-16
12-15 yrs. of age - Junior
Hunter Safety Course
18.00 45.00 Town Clerks & License Agents
15 year of age or older
Previous RI hunting license or Hunter Safety Certificate
Landowner (non-resident)
U.S. citizen and owner of RI real estate
  18.00 DEM Licensing Office only or by mail
Combination Hunting & Fishing
RIGL 20-2-17
same as above 33.00 N/A Town Clerks & License Agents
Three-Day Tourist
RIGL 20-2-16(5)
Former RI hunting license or Hunter Safety Certificate from home state   16.00 Town Clerks &
Licensing Agents
Permanent Combination
RIGL 20-2-31(e)
Over 65 years old, RI resident and former RI hunting license No Fee N/A Town Clerks
Active Military Personnel
RIGL 20-2-31(b)
Resident or Non-Resident Resident fee
N/A Town Clerks &
Licensing Agents
Military Personnel
6 months after discharge
RIGL 20-2-31
Valid license extension until 6 months after discharge for any RI resident holding a hunting or fishing license upon entering Military Service No Fee N/A  
Deer Tags
RIGL 20-2-18
Current RI hunting license and/or for archery, a former RI archery tag or a Certificate of Completion of an Archery Safety Course 12.50 25.50 License Agents
Pheasant Permit
RIGL 20-2-18.3
License Agents
Turkey Permit
RIGL 20-2-18.1
License Agents
RI Waterfowl Stamp
RIGL 20-2-37
Current Hunting License 7.50 7.50 Town Clerks &
License Agents
RI HIP Permit Current RI hunting license No fee No fee Town Clerks &
License Agents
Shooting Preserve RIGL 20-19-2 25.00 N/A DEM Licensing
Office, only or by mail
Shooting Preserve
Hunting License
RIGL 20-2-16
Former RI hunting license or Hunter Safety Certificate 3.50 3.50 DEM Licensing
Office, only or by mail
RIGL 20-2-30
available to non-residents if reciprocal privileges are allowed 10.00 30.00 DEM Licensing
Office, only or by mail
Fur Buyer
RIGL 20-2-30
  10.00 30.00 DEM Licensing
Office, only or by mail
RIGL 20-2-31(h)
100% Permanent No fee N/A DEM Licensing
Office, only
Office or by mail

Boat Registration & Licenses (Hunting, Fishing, Shellfishing)
235 Promenade Street
Providence, RI 02908
Office Hours: 8:30 am to 3:30 pm
Phone: 401-222-6647 (Boating)
Phone: 401-222-3576 (Licenses)

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Hunting & Fishing: