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We administer several important grant programs to facilitate land conservation, recreational land acquisition and development, and recreational trail development and improvements. Each of these programs is administered by a Division staff member under a set of rules and regulations with Committee and Department oversight. The grant programs rely on State bond funding and Federal program funds. All have a match component which might be fulfilled with in-kind services or cash match from the grant applicant. Eligible applicants vary by program. Please review each program carefully to determine if your organization and project is eligible for funding. Staff is available to guide you in this process and to help you get started.

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Local Open Space Grants provide up to 50% matching funds to municipalities, land trusts and non-profit conservation land organizations to preserve valuable open space in our State. Applications are scored by committee and submitted to the DEM Director for approval. (Future Grant Round to be Announced)

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Recreational Trail Grants are facilitated by DEM, in cooperation with DOT, to encourage the development and maintenance of recreation trails and trail related projects. Recreational trail uses include hiking, bicycling, in-line skating, equestrian use, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling or other off-road motorized vehicles. State & Local Governments, Indian Tribes, and nonprofit organizations are eligble to apply for funding to: construct new trails, maintain or restore existing trails, develop or rehabilitate ancillary trail facilities, purchase or lease of trail construction and maintenance equipment, and for operation of educational programs promoting safety and environmental protection along recreational trails. The Trails Advisory Committee (TAC) meets quarterly to to evaluate Small Grants (up to $3000) and Education Grants (up to $5000). Larger Grants, available periodically, are scored by the TAC and submitted to the DEM Director for approval. (Future Grant Rounds to be Announced for Large Grants)

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Outdoor Recreation Grants of matching funds for the acquisition, development and renovation of outdoor recreational facilities are funded through state bonds and the Federal Land & Water Conservation Fund. Funding categories include both large (up to $400K, 20% match) and small (up to $100K, 20% match) Recreation Acquisition & Development grants. Applications are scored by the Recreation Resources Review Committee and recommendations are submitted to DEM's Director for approval. ( Future Grant Round to be announced)

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